About Me

After twenty years in the work force, I returned to university as a mature student.

I have spent the greater part of my life as a musician and recording artist.

I was represented by Gordon Lightfoot’s management & released records under

the pseudonym of Harlan Wells.

Though, my greatest contribution to society has been successfully raising two children as a single father.

My son has just completed university (H.S. valedictorian) and my daughter (also an honours student)

is studying fashion design in Europe. I mention the success of my children simply because,

in some way, my enthusiasm, curiosity, and love for learning has had a positive impact on their lives.

It is precisely these traits that I attribute to my academic success, as well as, my ability to profoundly

connect with, and inspire I/S learners to become confident, creative, collaboarative, motivated,

and critically engaged citizens. 

"Without doubt, one of the most natural teachers I have ever had the pleasure of working with"

Reference letter from Professor Garfield Gini-Newman, OISE.

Contact: 416 686-3701